huning (huning) wrote,

love! + sim requests..?

;U; thank you so much, secret maker!!! i love you too!! this weekend has been pretty bad so far, so this really brightened my mood :)) so happy right now~
i'm glad you like the asylum ! i should really continue&finish it

and the sharing thing.. tbh i didn't think people would be interested in downloading my sims, so--
buuut i'll fix it right away! you can request sims in this post. just post the name / a picture of the sim you'd like to download, and i'll upload them for you :)

also: have you guys been having problems with viewing my pics..? it seems imageshack (my main image host) isn't letting everyone view their hosted pictures unless they register to the site or something like that. i think i'm gonna have to switch hosts again D:!
Tags: misc
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