huning (huning) wrote,

Pony Colors!

During this summer I've been playing around with the idea of creating a'new unnatural color palette of some sort. and now I'm finally satisfied with the colors.

So, here are the colors & their names. 22 in total:

Where did the color inspiration come from? retro My Little Ponies (generation 1)! Their mane colors, to be exact.
As in: the colors have been sampled from photos of MLP manes (both my own photos of my pony collection & ones found from the net).

Names of the colors were inspired by a website which sells hair for dolls and MLPs (no longer active?..).

Right now the palette is called 'Pony' or 'Pony colors' ...

I hope you like themm;;;

EDIT: some lovely people have turned these colors into Photoshop actions! For example, geirrendour made this set, thank you so much!
Tags: downloads, downloads: hair
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