Bad news and good news

Does anyone even use LiveJournal anymore...? I hope at least some people still do, because right now this is the only place I can post this information to.

I can't access my Simblr account (simming related Tumblr account) anymore.

I was going to log in and start posting again, but then Tumblr forced me to change my password. The site didn't let me log in and change the password though, instead it sent me the password reset instructions to my email.

OK, no problem, just check the email and get a new password - right? Well, nope..

Apparently someone had been trying to hack into the email address I've connected to the Simblr account. And because of this suspicious activity, the email account had been placed in a lockdown status. In order to regain access I had to provide lots of information about the account and myself, but the service provider still isn't convinced and the email remains locked. I can't get it back no matter how hard I try.

So frustrating. I don't know what to do anymore. I guess I have to make a new Simblr. It just sucks that I can't tell my original account's followers that I've moved.. I can only hope that some followers visit my LJ and see this post... :(

What are the good news?.. Well, I finally got a decent gaming laptop and it runs TS2 nicely with good graphics. Now I gotta start collecting CC, building new neighbourhoods etc.. I should be happier about this but I'm just really upset about this Tumblr fiasco.

I'm still here..!

I was browsing through some of the newest SimSecret posts when I spotted this.

To whoever made this secret: thank you so much! It felt really nice to see that I haven’t been forgotten! :’) Well, now I’m trying to make a comeback.. Again.

I haven’t really treated you guys (my followers here & @lj) well, have I? I just went silent for a looong time :/ I’m sorry..


Bad news: my new laptop refuses to run TS2 anymore. It’s not a huge loss since I couldn’t even get any EPs installed on it, but it had a much better graphics card…

Good news: my old laptop (also known as my original simming laptop) has risen from its grave! I thought it was 100% broken and beyond repair, but now it’s working again - which means I can continue simming with it.

More good news: before my old laptop “died” I played through the first part of my new legacy. I could now edit the screenshots I took back then, they’re ready to be posted :)

I’m gonna start posting the legacy updates on tumblr (on a sideblog) and here on my sim-lj too.