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Lindgren asylum [challenge] part 2

warnings: none
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week #2 of lindgren asylum..

i deleted some beds and kitchen counters just to make things more difficult for the patients. next time i might even remove my custom food mods!! >:) how extreme is that?

we start off with Samuel and Ted becoming best of bros

and Rose eating naaassssty food. yum yum

shake them hips, boy


Katrina: "for some reason i feel like i'm being watched.."

leave the wuffie alone, Samuel..

oh gog, what?! no, bad ACR! bad!

jesus christ..

Frida sucks and isn't getting any promotions. the end.

MORE flirtings?

i know, Kat, i know..

aaaahahah, is this real life?? (well, no, but you know--)
seriously, what is it with all this sudden romance? there are no enemies, only lovers.. :I HMPH


ACR! this is inappropriate, ACR! you hear me, ACR??

Frida's day off. time well spent.

snowmen errrywhere

Rose, the quiet observer..

well, looks like someone got into the zone :O

...ehh. well, what can i say.. Frida has been awfully busy lately..

Frida: secretly FREDDY.

i don't think he can hear you right now, Orson..

"dude, just shut up already" -Onni

showers drool, kitchen sinks rule!!

Ted has found new friends. lots of them.

random picture of the week..

until next timeeee
Tags: asylum challenge, asylum: lindgren
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