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Lindgren asylum [challenge] part 1

warnings: nudity

some of you might remember my previous attempt at an asylum challenge, the blood pudding asylum? i never officially finished it because at some point i managed to lose the entire neighborhood where the challenge household was :( BUT my controllable sim was SO close to reaching her ltw that i like to pretend i completed it. yes.

ANYWAY asylums are so much funnn, so i started a new one - here's week 1 with way too goddamn many pictures.

btw it's pretty obvious, but i'm not 100% following the rules.. aaand i have many mods that might make this easier for me to play through, but i'm too lazy to take them out! :D;;;;;;; however if things get too boring, i might consider playing without them


my controllable sim, Frida!

personality points. last time i 'revealed' the personalities of the noncontrollables as well, but not this time! ;) we'll learn more about them as i keep playing..

ltw!! i'm so glad it's career related, so i can actually make it happen *___*

time to introduce the other patients. Katrina





Orson - the blue guy is Onni, you'll see his face later, erk

funny, i thought Frida might be a little on the antisocial side.. guess not
also check out her white claws! i must've accidentally put them on her while i was making her, they don't fit her at all :DDDD whatever

seriously, check out them claaawwwssssss

i love these first few days, they're always so cheery

i wanted her to start working on her career right away, so

the first amateur pianist has entered the stage :]

the job she needed wasn't available via the newspaper...

not loving Rose's music...

geez, just let her play.. she'll get better!

aww, Samuel and his little butterfly friends!

more haters gather around Rose...

Aya was the only one who didn't complain. she just sat there with a happy smile on her face

basic cooking skills are a must!

speaking of cooking.. Samuel served some kind of puny sandwiches.

Frida outshined him right away ;) SPAGHETTI!

almost synchronized showering

creepy Ted is creepy

there are 8 bedrooms, they're all identical


NO! bad boy! D:<

still couldn't find the right job......

smustling the pain awayyyyyy

TOMATOES, tomatoes as red as her hairrrr

aargh! >:I

talking shit about Katrina...

sharing makeup tips maybe? ;)

there's nothing out there, girl

aaaand the first broken appliance iiisss.. one of the showers! pictured: Katrina covering up her crime

sooo Rose has become pretty damn good at playing the piano. Frida listens to her fresh beats in disbelief... HMMMM i told you she'd get better! =D

Onni's reaction to the rain/thunderstorm outside. "AW YEA MAN"

and Orson... welllll..

"huh? is it raining in here?!" ....

still couldn't find the ajshdfkfhaf job! :)

boys just wanna have fuuun

this girl is a mystery.

mmmm hmmmm

oh what the. well, they were bffs and stuff, i knew this would happen sooner or later
i'm gonna make sure it doesn't develop into anything too serious, don't want no stinkin' romance here :I

soooo satisfied with herself... YOU STILL DON'T HAVE THE JOB, THO

nope. nothing. as you can see, my game enjoys trolling me :)

selling some fruit so they could pay billllsss

HA! first worried patient spotted!

fffffff. Katrina keeps breaking stuff.

oh gog FINALLY!!

thanks to the 'walk to work'(?) option, she could go to work right away, even if slightly late!

why are you cryiinggg

pull yourself together!
(the patients are starting to become unstable...)


getting some well deserved rest!

oh! suddenly all that crying makes sense.


she decided to join them.

week 1 ends here, here, have a picture of their living room.

until next timeeee
Tags: asylum challenge, asylum: lindgren
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